Tea Kettles Are Not Old Fashioned | Fashion Update

The warning signsMy memories of the whistling tea kettle can be roughly dated to the time when I was watching a particularly gory episode of the English detective series “Midsomer Murders”. For those of you who do not watch British television, this series is based around a sleepy country community where murder is rife almost on a daily basis. There is an ongoing joke that it is a mighty surprise that there is anyone left alive in this village of death. Anyway, this particular episode involved a sinister looking pensioner who switched on the kettle and was doing something or the other. As the kettle started to whistle, the murderer approached the building. The creators managed to impart an atmosphere of impossible tension. The whistling tea kettle was masking the sounds of the murderer and this poor pensioner was caught completely unawares. Needless to say, she met a sticky end.

The old and the newThis got me thinking about the whistling tea kettle. I cannot remember the last whistling tea kettle that we ever owned in our family. It must have been such a long time and I thought that they had gone completely out of fashion. In fact I tended to associate them with elderly ladies. All was forgotten until I saw that episode. Whereas the question remained in the depth of my mind, I never brought it into conversation.Then one day I happened to visit a friend who has a penchant for all things modern. This guy is almost obsessed with being cool. He will buy the latest gadgets and attends most of the trade shows to see what he can add to his arsenal of home appliances. I never really expect to see anything old fashioned sullying his home. That means the he is in effect the arbitrator of good taste within our circle of friends.Therefore I was somewhat taken aback when I saw a whistling kettle in his kitchen. I thought that maybe it was a present from his grandma. How else could one explain the fact that such a hippy guy was in possession of something that seems to be from the dark ages? I ventured to ask him what he was doing with the kettle. He seemed perturbed and answered rather dryly that he owned it. I then explained about the old fashioned thing. What happened next surprised me even more than the existence of the kettle.

He told me that it was one of his best loved items and that he would never trade it for anything else. He also said that he was very much looking forward to updating it when the latest versions came out. As the conversation developed it occurred to me that in fact he was one of those people who had regressed back to the old school once they got tired of modernity. Rather than being a relic of the old age, the whistling tea kettle is coming back into fashion and the great arbitrators of taste have decided that we must all follow their lead and embrace it.

Men’s Fashion Trends Spring 2008 – Top Ten List | Fashion Update

Spring 2008 arrives with the subtle glamour and elegance of old Hollywood, and a classic all-American stylish look for weekend wear. I’ve highlighted for you my top ten trends for the season for both work and casual. Men of any age will definitely find a few stylish new items to try for spring to look modern and handsome, whatever their lifestyle calls for this season.1). Work Wear This season you will find a refined style in men’s tailored clothing. The suit of the season will be a glen plaid print in shades of gray. Tan suits and sport coats in a tropical weight or linen fabric will be moving to center stage as we transition into warmer weather. I always love a lighter color sport coat with a silk blend for those dressier occasions. You can’t go wrong with a basic Navy blazer this season to look nautical and spring forward with a dash of style. Pair your refined suit or sport coat with a luxury dress shirt made out of pima cotton to look sophisticated and elegant. The tie of the season is taking on a romantic feel with lots of botanical flower prints, offering you a new alternative to your solids and stripes.2). Modern Blazers For a casual Friday or a weekend look, consider purchasing the new lightweight and un-constructed blazer which is comfortable and adds a touch of style to casual pants or jeans. This season the modern blazer will be seen with appliqués on the back and down the front. Cargo blazers with big pockets that button will have a casual feel. This season, coordinate your un-constructed blazer over a new graphic knit or a pinstripe woven, for a more formal look for those casual workdays.

3). All American Polo’s The American icon, the polo shirt, which is classic and preppy, will be the focus of the season. All of the men’s status vendors, like Polo and Lacoste (with the logo on the shirt), are out with a broad spectrum of new colors and stripes this season, making this classic item new again. This spring it is all about bright bold colors. Buy a polo in a bright, saturated hue – like yellow, orange, green, blue, red, pink or lavender – to give you that updated look. Check out those luxurious polo’s made out of mercerized cotton, or a silk/cotton blend. They always look elegant when worn with shorts, khaki’s or jeans. Wear it layered under a blazer for a more modern look when wearing business casual.4). Opposites Attract Try a multi-vertical striped shirt this season with it’s sleeves rolled back to show the new contrasting pattern in the cuff. You will see many printed shirts with contrasting collars or cuffs, showing two different patterns or colors, but coordinated to look very modern. This kind of shirt would look very stylish worn with dark denim, to add some color and print to the ensemble.5). Shorts, Shorts And More Shorts The season arrives with shorts in a variety of styles. The newest looks of the spring will be cargo, flat front chino’s, and Bermuda plaid shorts with a belt. All of these shorts will come in great washed neutrals and the new plaids. You will see menswear-inspired patterns with metal hardware details that demand some attention. Wear these shorts with a graphic tee or a novelty woven. For swimwear or shorts to wear on the beach, try the new board shorts in plaid and floral prints.6). New Wovens In spring 2008 the woven shirt takes on a whole new look. You will find military inspired patches and appliqués on the shirts, as well as tonal embroidery everywhere, from the front and back to the cuffs. You will find short sleeve woven shirts with graphic details on the back of the shirt, and lots of prints available for that modern look. If you love plaid and various types of prints, you will find this new styling for the classic woven refreshing. Try one of the new washed woven shirts worn with plaid shorts to create a new look.7). Graphic Pockets Denim is a great way to express your style on casual days. It’s comfortable, and this season denim will be full of graphic details. You will find detailing and embroidery on the curved back pockets to add some style and create a great exit pant. The new Ed Hardy jean even has his signature in large print on the derrière. These new jeans look great when worn with a woven shirt that includes subtle graphics.8). Sitting on the Dock Of The Bay This season the shoe of choice is the casual boat shoe. This looks great when worn with shorts, jeans or khaki’s for those weekend occasions. Extremely casual, classic and comfortable they are making a big return for spring/summer 2008. You can’t go wrong with the classic Sperry Top-Sider but boat shoes will also be the focus for many updated shoe vendors. Wear this boat shoe with the classic polo and great flat front chino shorts for an all-American weekend look.

9). Classic Whites When warmer weather approaches, men like a change of pace in lighter tones. You will find the fresh white color returning in linen pants, shorts, jeans, knits, silk shirts and casual blazers; great to wear on a warm weather vacation or a casual evening out. Get out of your drab dark winter colors and have your wardrobe be versatile and stylish for all seasons.10). Top Gun Style Every man loves great sunglasses that are indicative of his personal style, while protecting his eyes from the summer sun. This season it is all about aviator sunglasses. They are modern and come in a variety of styles from numerous vendors. Find a pair that works with your face size and shape. This is a must-have accessory item for all men this season. I hope when you shop this season for your business and casual wardrobe, you will find a few modern trends that work for you. I’ve shared with you some tips on how to wear the latest trends and coordinate them to look stylish as you venture into the warm weather.